Wavesnode.NET Launches Waves Enterprise node

We have launched our node on the Waves Enterprise mainnet for public leasing.

We are providing a professional node on the Waves Enterprise Platform with excellent uptime, hosted in our own datacenter. If you are holding WEST in your Waves Enterprise client, you can lend them with the LPOS system to our Waves Enterprise node. The leased tokens are always in your account and under your control. Our node does not control your funds, so there is no risk involved.

We will apply the exact same payout structure of our Waves node to our West node.

We do not know the exact date when we will start our payouts yet.
With the current number of transactions it will be at least a monthly payout, but we intend to move it to weekly payouts as soon as possible.

The address for your lease is:  3NiVPB1t32jC3SJpLomY3Zv6kwvfaJpRkqS

Wavesnode.NET was one of the first nodes on the Wavesplatform and is running a long and trusted service ever since.

Waves Enterprise is a blockchain platform for corporate clients, offering data privacy, configurable encryption, and language-agnostic docker smart contracts.

For more information about WEST (Waves Enterprise System Token), check the Waves Enterprise website.