Wavesnode.NET (WNET) Frequently Asked Questions

Wavesnode.NET can help you with a lot of services, we have collected most of the questions asked by our clients.
Please read them here, is your question not in this list, feel free to contact us.

What is an airdrop?

An airdrop is an easy way to generate a lot of attention to your token, as thousands of people are getting free tokens in their wallets.
This generating a large interest in the product you are offering.

Can Wavesnode.NET help us doing an airdrop?

Yes we can do an airdrop for your token.
We have a big fullnode on the platform, helping the airdrop to be succesfull.

Are there other ways of doing an airdrop?

Yes, there are other ways. There are script available for doing airdrops.
But you would need full access to a node, so usually your would have to own one.

How do you assure big number of transactions being processed succesfully?

Our airdrops are done with our WNET tokens as a fee, those are accepted by almost every big fullnodes on the Wavesplatform, so we can assure big amounts of transfers are being succesfully processed.

How does this airdrop mechanism work?

An airdrop is basically giving away free tokens. Mostly to richlists of Waves, WCT and/or WNET tokens.
We suggest to use a 5-10% of your tokens for airdrops.
(for example: For our own WNET token we did a 1% airdrop to the Waves richlist, 4% to the WCT richlist and we do weekly airdrops to WNET holders).

Why do I have to pay with WNET?

We work with our WNET token as fuel for our business, it is used as fee for sending out the tokens and clients pay for our services in WNET too.
Those collected WNET tokens are airdropped back to the WNET holders richlist, making everyone who is investing in WNET profit by the work we do with our Wavesnode.NET services.

After we have paid for the airdrop, what steps have to be taken?

The customer sends us the amount of their own tokens to be airdropped and the conditions and percentages that suits them.
We can airdrop to Waves richlist, WCT richlist, WNET richlist (our fans would love that last option).

Why did you put the prices of your services at current levels?

The prices are basically to prevent us doing airdrops for bullsh*t tokens on Waves, spamming the network.
An airdrop runs for multiple days and generates a lot of traffic on the network, so this tool should be used wisely.
Using our fullnode and our knowledge about the Wavesplatform comes at a price, and 100% of the collected WNET funds for our services are shared with the WNET holders richlist.

I want to do some PR for my project, can you help me out?

Yes, one of our options is having your project linked on our website as supported project.
Our website is being visited all around the globe.

Can I use Social Media too?

Yes, another option we offer is providing our Twitter account with 3600+ Waves enthousiasts as followers.
Tweeting about your project would get your message to a large and specific group of Waves end-users.
Those tweets are always shared in multiple Telegram and Slack channels too.

Can we publish an article about our project to generate more attention?

Yes, we have setup a cooporation with a Cryptoways, a platform that writes professional newsitems about crypto.
We can help you setup a nice article on their platform, to be paid with WNET.

All this info is very helpfull, how can we thank you for this?

Our consultancy for new users or projects on the Wavesplatform is free, but please consider buying our WNET token at the Waves DEX.
You support our work this way and might get some airdropped tokens for free too!


You need more help, how to contact us?

Please open a support ticket at our supportdesk.