Statement about our votes for new features

As you might have seen we are currently not voting for all new features to be activated on the mainnet of the Waves Platform, let us try to explain why.

The most recent features to be activated on mainnet are the result of hard work by the core developers of the Waves Platform.
We see some reasons not to activate all four of them at once.
But before explaining, let us give an overview of the new features to be activated:

  • Feature 5 (Data Transaction)
  • Feature 6 (Burn Any Tokens)
  • Feature 7 (Fee Sponsorship)
  • Feature 8 (Fair PoS)

Why we decided not to vote for all of the new features:

  1. We recently had a fork on the network, we think it would be wise to let the network stabilize before activating new features.
  2. We truly believe it is better to activate feature by feature, not all of them at once.
    So activate one feature, wait some time to ensure everything is ok, then activate the next feature.

All our decisions are with the best intentions in mind, as we have the same goal as all other Waves investors, we want to see Waves succeed.
With great (voting) power comes great responsibility, so we will use our voting power to protect the network and minimize the possibility of unforeseen problems.

For now we have decided to vote for activating the first feature:

  • Feature 5 (Data Transaction)

We decided to pick feature 5 to start with, since smart contracts will need feature 5 activated.

Regarding Feature 8, it is one of our favorite new features. But we might postpone voting on feature 8 until a full security audit on the new algorithm has taken place. We will however get back on this at a later date.

Thanks for your time and trust,

The Wavesnode.NET team


* July 12: We have seen some external comments on the FairPOS (feature 8) code and decided to vote for feature 8. We would like to thank all of you that supported our approach.