Statement about our recent vote

For now we are not voting for the 1k Wavesnodes, let us try to explain why:

There are various reasons and we’ve talked about this internally with the other node owners and with the Waves team when we visited them last month when we were in Moscow.

We are positive about more decentralization ofcourse, so that’s a big reason to vote for it!

But we are against it for now, because it would probably get people running nodes, because they think that they can make some easy money with “just another masternode coin”.
Besides that, nodes with 1000 Waves won’t make sense. Even with 10k Waves you hardly get any blocks. It’s like solomining and hoping to find a block.
In other words, people would get disappointed with Waves and make a lot of negative noise about our beloved platform.

We have seen a lot of new nodes on the platform in the last few months, with some good advertisement and with showing they are capable of running a node, they grew to 40-50k in no-time.

Do we have to get a lower value than 10k with the current Waves price increase? Absolutely!
Is 1k the right the right step? We don’t think so.
Waves had a fork on it’s network last summer, we fear if Waves lowered the barrier there will be a large number of less experienced node owners.
Running a node comes with a certain level of experience and responsibility.

We do agree there could be a lower minimum Waves requirement to run a node, especially seen the fact Waves grew in price, but first the rewards have to go up.
Also the step from 10k to 1k is too big in our opinion (also taking the points already mentioned into consideration).

So, for now, we are not voting for it, but this can change if the stated objections we have are taken care of.

Voting against this may not be the most popular vote, we are well aware of this.
But taking in consideration all facts and possible outcomes, we (as serious and dedicated node owners) think this is the most realistic vote for now.

One more thing to add; we lease our own Waves to smaller nodes for weeks, to encourage decentralization.


Update: After a comprehensive discussion with Sasha Ivanov, we have decided (despite our concerns) to vote for the 1k Waves nodes.