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Waves Platform

Waves Platform is a decentralized platform with real world solutions running on blockchain.

Waves Platform offers:

  • Decentralized Exchange
  • Easy Creation of Custom Tokens
  • Bitcoin, Altcoin & Fiat Gateways
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Financial analytics instruments
  • Dividends distribution
  • Mass payments
  • Payment of transfers in custom fees
  • Portfolio management
  • LPOS (Leased POS system)
  • Scalability
  • Smart Contracts
  • Hardware wallet security

LPOS (Mining Waves)

We are providing a professional node cluster on the Waves Platform with excellent uptime, hosted in our own datacenter.If you are holding Waves in your liteclient, you can lend them with the LPOS system to our big node. The leased tokens are always in your account and under your control. Our node doesn't control your funds, so there is no risk involved. After you start leasing it takes 1000 blocks (~16 hours) before you start mining. By leasing on our powerfull, stable and trustfull node you are generating transfer fees and will be rewarded with free Waves and other tokens. The bigger our nodes balance, the higher your rewards. We can help you achieve increasing your stack and making the Waves Platform stronger, in just a few easy steps.

Check out our leasing tutorial video here.


Please use this WAVES LPOS leasing address:


Please use this WEST LPOS leasing address:


Key factors for leasing:
  • There is no minimum amount for leasing
  • While leasing you still receive other airdropped tokens
  • All our payouts are done with mass-payment transfers
Our LPOS Payouts will be made weekly:
  • 85% of LPOS earned WAVES/WEST to lessors
  • 15% of LPOS earned WAVES/WEST paid to WNET token holders

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Rob van de Camp (gizmo)

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Jarno Hogeweg (clipto)

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How to lease (Waves Client)

WAVES LPOS: 3P23fi1qfVw6RVDn4CH2a5nNouEtWNQ4THs

WEST LPOS: 3NiVPB1t32jC3SJpLomY3Zv6kwvfaJpRkqS